FLOGOCID ointment is containing the complex enzyme in buffer solution, boric acid, essential oil of lavender, white vaseline, anhydrous lanolin, cholesterol, liquid paraffin, flower essential oils.


Active components in the composition of ointment cause non-specific immune response to the application site. It reinforces the immune response of the cell itself by running its defense mechanism and the production of substances that are opposed to the causes of infection and consequently reduces and prevents the further development of skin lesions and mucosa.

Active components are effective against inflammation, relieve from all unpleasant symptoms that accompany the pathological changes of the skin and mucosa, stimulate regeneration of damaged tissue and promote wound healing.

Thanks to this mechanism of action, FLOGOCID ointment quickly and effectively removes all inflammatory skin conditions.

Where can it help

Due to its unique composition and enzymes from natural resources, FLOGOCID ointment reduces inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes (acne, pimples, ingrown hairs, ingrown nails, eczema, scratches, sore spot, itching ...), helps diminish inflammation of the subcutaneous tissues and mucous membranes, eg . the wounds that are difficult to heal, as well as phlegmon, infected wet eczema, swelling of lymph glands, burns and frostbite, ulcers, furuncles, fistula and infections of oral cavity mucosa.

FLOGOCID ointment quickly and effectively relieves hemorrhoid problems. Painful irritation of the skin caused by long lying and using tools (bed sores) subside after the use of FLOGOCID ointment.

Application Method

FLOGOCID ointment is used by applying to the affected area and its surroundings in a thicker layer (if necessary, bandage or gauze can be put over treated area). In the older long-term changes (bed sores, fistulas, phlegm, etc) more frequent and longer treatment is required with bandage change after each session.

Before applying FLOGOCID ointment affected place should be thoroughly cleaned. It is recommended to remove all the dead tissue, dried secretions and hair.

Effectiveness and efficiency of FLOGOCID ointment is confirmed by more than a million satisfied customers, who consider it to be the "universal" ointment.

Ointment is intended for external use only.

Store at temperatures below 25 ◦ C and out of reach of children.

Package. Tube with 20 and 50 grams of ointment.