Dear Sirs,

After more than 37 years of service, I feel the duty and the need to communicate my experiences with Flogocid. I would like to cite a few cases:

- Fresh wounds: treatment with Flogocid, large spreading, a hundred per cent success.

- Bacterial wound: protects and nourishes the wound, quickly heals within 7 to 8 days, in case without large muscle damage.

- Furuncles, phlegm, atheroma: treatment of 15 to 20 days, no need for scalpel, just a small sterile needle prick, Flogocid, gauze and bandage.

- Burns: protects against infections and promotes fast healing.

- Gluteal decubitus - plastic surgeon estimates that the decubitus patient is placed in mortal danger (predicting the patient another 1.5 years to live). The patient comes to me for consultations, I take him as a patient and after care of 5 months, decubitus heals without scarring, without using any antibiotics (oral and local), just Flogocid with daily application. This plastic surgeon was so surprised with results and he asked me to see Flogocid ointment because it had not heard of it. Otolaryngologist, who heard about my successful treatment of furuncles and inflammation of external ear canal, introduces Flogocid ointment to his practice, and it (along with my suggestions) continues to treat infections of external ear canal. Furuncles mature after only 2 to 3 days, burst and leak, after which the wound heals quickly.

- I used Flogocid with eye conjunctivitis and after 4 to 5 days of infection passed.

- For my own purposes, I made tampons of sterile gauze, soaked in Flogocid and used them deep in the uterine cervix, where I had small lesions and inflammation of the ovaries. During 20 days of Flogocid treatment it pulled out all sorts of content. My next gynecological examination was normal. Many of my patients and friends had the same experience with the application of Flogocid.

- Inflammation of hemorrhoids efficient use of Flogocid inside and outside.

-Vast experience in using Flogocid I have in the treatment of warts (particularly massive viral growth). I had a girl of 10 years who had warts all over her face 5 years ago. The face was washed with saline, wiped with rough towel and treated with Flogocid twice daily for 40 days. After treatment warts disappeared and her face was beautiful and looked nice and clean. In her case, the plastic surgeon suggested wart skin removal and plastic surgery. I note that much longer treatment of Flogocid was needed in this particular case.

- Surprisingly, I had great results with three cases of carcinoma, two skin cancers and one case with diagnosed histological carcinoma of the soft tissues of the whole phalanx (muscle of index finger). Her doctors suggested amputation of the phalanx. I have treated her finger with Flogocid daily for 65 days with a thick layer of ointment, cleaned the wound and removed the necrotic tissue. Finger healed without a scar. The above two cases of carcinoma cutis have also been cured after 65 days of Flogocid use. After control, their specialists believed that cases were not cured by Flogocid but by some laser intervention in private clinics.

It turned out that Flogocid ointment in my practice had enormous power of action. From personal experience, I believe that 85% of the carcinoma of the skin can be a cured (with everyday use of Flogocid in the period from 60 to 80 days).

At the same time, I would like to thank all the experts who produced Flogocid ointment, because they made me sort of famous throughout my medical career, in some way celebrated by patients and gave an additional stimulus to my many years of work.

High Nurse,
Nada Antonić, retired.


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