1. In which cases can Flogocid be used?

Flogocid can be used for treatment of all visible surface changes on the skin and mucous membrane such as scratches, acne, eczema, minor ulcers, ingrown nails, ingrown hairs, hemorrhoids, burns, frostbite, sore spots, shallow wounds, bed sores, etc.

2. How many times a day and how long it takes to use Flogocid?

Depending on the case, but our recommendation is to use it 2 - 3 times a day until the improvement of the situation.

3. How to use Flogocid?

It is applied in a thicker layer on the skin, it is not necessary to rub. If necessary, gauze can be put over the treated area.

4. Can Flogocid be used for all ages?

Yes, there are no age restrictions. It can equally be used for baby rash and shallow bed sores.

5. Is it possible to treat larger areas of skin?

Larger areas of skin can be treated because because Flogocid does not contain any active substances that can cause systemic disorders

6. Can Flogocid be applied to open wounds?

With open wounds that bleed and have exudate, Flogocid does not apply. In surface wounds such as scratches and the like it can be applied.

7. Can Flogocid be used on sensitive skin areas such as the area around the eyes, behind the ears, etc.?

Flogocid can be used in all parts of the skin and on parts of the cutaneous mucous membrane or areas where the skin goes into the lining.

8. Can the long-term use of Flogocid produce any unwanted changes or resistance?

The mechanism of action of Flogocid is at the cellular level. It stimulates the local cellular immune responses and helps acceleration and establishment of the defense of the cell itself, and thus contributes to faster regeneration of damaged tissues. Longterm use of Flogocid does not produce adverse change and resistance. Longer use is even recommended in certain chronic skin changes (eg for eczema).

9. Can Flogocid be used in patients who underwent radiation?

Flogocid can be used after radiation treatment. It acts locally and there is no risk of systemic disorders.

10. Do Flogocid help after insect bites?

Flogocid relieves all the unpleasant consequences of insect bites, such as itching, burning, redness, pain and swelling.

11. When did Flogocid start to produce?

Using the old proven recipes, pharmaceutical production in the Veterinary Medicine Institute Zemun, AD Belgrade, started back in the 1939.

With continuous improvement of quality and improvement of pharmaceutical and biological manufacturing, Veterinary Medicine Institute Zemun AD Beograd has become one of the leading companies in the region. With a tradition that lasts more than 70 years, Veterinary Medicine Institute Zemun AD Belgrade is known for producing high-quality ointments.

Flogocid has become a trademark and recognized brand of Veterinary Medicine Institute Zemun AD Belgrade.

Flogocid started back in 1960 and a first official approval document is obtained by 10th July 1961 (No. 02-24/46).

Since 2009 Flogocid is the product of wide use, and by the professional opinion of the Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices No. 18712/2009/2070, it was placed in the preparations for general use, suitable for human use.

Today, Flogocid is one of the best selling products Veterinary Medicine Institute Zemun, AD Belgrade.

Flogocid ointment is produced for decades, and its effectiveness and safety were studied at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, the Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut" and the Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices of Serbia.


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